I read this entire article and did not really come across a basis or rationale for this statement.

Let me do a recap of some of the evidence for reality of Christianity of which I am aware.

We know for a fact Jesus was a real man, a man who was extraordinary, a man who was hanged on a cross. Given Jesus never orchestrated any violence against Rome, the only reason Rome would agree to hang Him would be fear of deification — exactly the fear the Jews are said to have played on in the Bible. The Romans were astute enough to know that allowing anyone but the Emperor and the gods of the emperor to be deified was allowing for possibility of rebellion in the empire.

We have then that Jesus was crucified out of fear for his deification, deification by His followers which occurred regardless, resulting ultimately in conversion of Constantine about 312 A.D.

Would you characterize this course of events as lack of reality?

While there already were two Emperors at timing of Constantine’s conversion there as yet did not exist an Eastern Roman Empire. Without conversion of Constantine, we do not have the Eastern Roman Empire, the Civilization represented by Constantinople, and the wonders now domiciled in Turkey, which historically was the seat of Constantinople. We do not have all of the enunciated developments because absent his conversion, Constantine had no reason to avoid all of the perversion in Rome, no reason for creation of Constantinople. Constantine was wise enough given history (Julius Caesar) that confronting Senators of Rome on their decadence would be a waste of time and could be dangerous. Wisely, he decided to build another city which would function on Christian principles, a decision that created what almost was an utopia for hundreds of years. These are facts of history.

Would you characterize this course of events as lack of reality?

History is full of the fact that while the Western Roman Empire devolved into permissiveness and darkness of absence of innovation, the Eastern Roman Empire became seat of innovation and progress for about a thousand years only to be sacked and weakened by crusaders marshaled by the Western Roman Empire,which now was practically synonymous with Western Christian Orthodoxy. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it always has been true that religion can be catalyst for foolishness whenever men put their desires for power, money, prestige, and control over beautiful women etc. ahead of the spirituality that is at the heart of the religion.

Its an aside, but it is funny how women who are not beautiful envy the fact that beautiful women are under control of powerful men. They set out then to be under same sort of control. Rather than celebrate opportunity to live in peace and quiet, they desire what the beautiful women have. True they get to live in midst of riches etc. but at cost of peace and quiet. If it were possible to interview such women ex post I wonder whether they still would believe it was worth it.

But I digress.

We see here how the history of Western and Eastern Europe was affected by Jesus Christ and followers of Jesus Christ.

In light of the evidence I have adduced, is it really possible to characterize Jesus Christ and his followers as lacking reality?

What is more real than a man who is crucified out of fear for His deification, becoming deified within weeks of His crucifixion by His followers, and affecting the course of history for thousands of years?

I ask these questions hoping we can engage in some discourse on this matter because I did not see any evidence for claim of lack of reality in your blog post.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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