I do not have any literature at my disposal other than the fact that whereas historians agree we all emanated from a single Adam and Eve, man is as different across the globe as there are different conditions. Clearly, man has capacity to use his brain differently conditional on his environment. There must be intelligence then independent of chemical processes.

Second, I studied Pure Mathematics for my first degree. Everyone who enrolled in the program believed they had capacity for College level specialization in Mathematics. By the end of the second (Sophomore) year, most of the class had come to terms with the fact that they were not as gifted at Mathematics as they had thought coming into the program. With two years of College level Mathematics under their belts, chemical processes for Mathematics ought to have been accentuated. Clearly, this was not the case for most of the class. Anyway, the chemical processes obviously still were the same across the class, ability and capacity for abstract mathematical thought now differed significantly, however, across the class.

Our brains are more than chemical processes. You may disagree, but lastly I am 100% confident my brain is capable of intellectual activity, of thoughts not yet formally processed by any other person — I already have objective evidence of this ability and capacity (you can check out my formal intellectual work here).

Philosophies that attempt to degrade dignity of human existence create massacres in Las Vegas, Theater shootings in Colorado, Murders of innocent children in Connecticut. Even if such philosophies were true, responsible philosophizing implies some truths are not meant to be taught to the average person because they can be misunderstood and misapplied with degrading consequences.

Anyway, again I am confident our brains are more than chemical processes.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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