I disagree with your view on this matter.

Jesus isolated Himself even from His own disciples. By the time He was on the way to the crucifixion, all of his disciples were nowhere to be found. Peter attempted to convince Jesus He did not know what He was talking about, what He was speaking concerning Himself. Peter ate those words later when he declared he loved Jesus more than things of this life. The reality of a resurrected Savior was enough evidence to convince him he had it all wrong leading up to the Cross.

To embark on an isolationist path is not necessarily a wrong decision. Jesus Christ, author and finisher of Christian faith is evidence of this truth.

The move by the United States may seem isolationist. I am confident, however, that secretly it is what every other reasonable country sees as the next step forward.

No move in the Middle East will create lasting peace so long as Israel is seen as an enemy by Palestinians. In light of this reality, the isolationist decision by Trump creates a ripple and tells Palestinians America at the very least is willing to call their bluff.

Some decisions have immediate effect on changing things. Others signal willingness to engage in a specific manner or sense. Sure I know the decision is notional. The importance lies not in what happens right now but in the signal that America is willing to count the cost on this direction of its policy.

War never is a good thing because peace by discussion, and give and take always is less costly. But the world would be worse off today without either of the First or Second World Wars. The Jews would not exist today if David had not fought wars as commanded by Jehovah. I know Christians have some sensibilities about war. But however undesirable, war can be godly, righteous, holy. But every righteous war is fought by imperfect people so there is no such thing as a perfectly implemented righteous war.

Personally, I believe supported internationally, this move eventually may end up creating a more lasting peace in the Middle East.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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