I am black of African origin, a resident of the United States (though not currently in the United States), and I know there is racism in America.

Racism in America can be equated with tribalism and nepotism in Africa. It can be equated with disenfranchisement of an entire culture in Myanmar. In Myanmar, we have a well defined group of people (Rohyngia) who have lived between two countries for decades yet are denied citizenship by either country. There is the United Nations and there is a woman who supposedly was a freedom fighter leading Myanmar yet the situation remains worse today than it was last year or two years back when the same group of people were denied opportunity to migrate to Thailand or some other Muslim country in Asia. Think of this, even a Muslim country which ought to be sympathetic to adherents of its state religion denied help to this group of people.

Tribalism and nepotism and denial of existence of a group of people all are worse than racism because they do not involve any racial distinctions. Its just people being nasty and mean to people who look just like them.

Racism is evil and whenever or wherever possible should be undermined by both Blacks and Whites. But until Blacks are willing to shed stereotypes and embrace education as a normatively good endeavor, as opposed to the White man’s platform for segregation (which I know it can be and has been utilized to achieve), the bigoted White man always will have an unassailable mask or rhetoric behind which to hide.

Education has value in of itself. Until Blacks are willing to admit this fact, bigoted White men will continue to win the race argument. Until Blacks value education and culture and refinement that are outcome of education, Blacks can cry foul with the loudest voice possible and the bigoted White man still will win the argument.

Whites are refined not because they are white, but because over many generations, they have imbibed values of education. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated because his education made it possible for him to reason with Whites. Blacks wanted him to be an activist, he wisely chose to reason with Whites for achievement of greater freedoms for Blacks. He succeeded. With such educated leadership, Blacks were set to realize real freedoms. Martin Luther King Jr. posed a real threat in so far as reasoning with Whites was concerned so was assassinated. But if there were 1,000,000 Martin Luther Kings, Martin Luther King Jr. never would have been assassinated because there would be 999,999 just like him stepping into his shoes.

When a Black man becomes refined, he is not becoming like or imitating a White man, he is evincing outcomes of education — culture and refinement. Greeks were not Americans. Refinement of education started with Greek culture so every refined American is a product of Greek refinement. Sparta, the competitor to Athens for dominance within Greek fiefdom rejected culture and refinement of education in favor of machismo and eventually descended into oblivion.

Athens lost the war of attrition with Sparta but gained the entire world as canvas for its knowledge and culture. Education has its roots in Athenian, equivalently, Greek culture.

So let’s drop this whole notion of education as imitation of the White American and value education for what it is, the source of the refinement and culture God expects man to evince because the difference between man and animals is intellectual activity. Animals are intelligent and have cognition, but do not engage in intellectual activity. Intellectual activity devoid of refinement and culture, which are hallmarks of attempts at reasoning with one another, is, however, a meaningless activity.

Intellectual activity devoid of refinement and culture, which are hallmarks of attempts at reasoning with one another, is meaningless.

When Blacks give education all we have got and the bigoted White man loses the argument and remains bigoted, it will be time to think what next to do. Until then, let’s keep on piling on the education argument and engaging in activism via reasoning (an objective we have yet to universally adopt and agree on), as opposed to continuation in meaningless gestures and hope the bigoted White man is reasonable enough to admit wrongness of his attitudes, judgments, and actions.

As I have said in this article, let’s not place a wedge between Blacks and the reasonable White man with racism rhetoric. I believe there is enough critical mass of reasonable White men and women for jump starting of a renaissance in relations between Whites and Blacks. Without good education and capacity to reason with refinement and culture as connecting platforms, it is unlikely the desired renaissance ever will arrive. While I have noted somewhere that belligerence can be advantageous in negotiations between groups of people, in contexts within which one group has a significant education advantage, as is the case in relations between Blacks and Whites, belligerence by Blacks can be misinterpreted, as such not necessarily advantageous.

If we are unable to fix the world we live in with faith in each other, love for each other, and reasoning, all fixes are temporary and eventually come crashing down.

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