I am a Christian and I appreciate your anecdotes about God at work in your life and lives of others. People that are not Christians are apt to raise, however, the possibility of coincidence in respect of experiences Christians label ‘supernatural evidence of God at work in Christian lives’.

In my opinion, the only incontrovertible evidence of God at work in Christian lives is ‘power of a changed life’.

I am not talking ‘I was a prostitute’, ‘drug dealer’ extreme sort of evidence. I am not denigrating such evidence, merely noting most people do not relate to such extreme evidence. Most people live ‘normal’ lives, need evidence in context of normal lives.

I am talking ‘I am less proud’, ‘more truly humble’, ‘more loving’, ‘more patient’, ‘overcome desire for masturbation’, ‘successfully resisted temptation to think myself homosexual or lesbian’, ‘calm in midst of storm’, ‘capacity for forgiveness’ etc. kind of evidence.

If instead of judging homosexuals or lesbians, we have Christians who can truly humbly describe their victory over temptation to homosexuality or lesbianism, perhaps we somehow can get LGBTs to take Jesus Christ as antidote for homosexuality or lesbianism etc. seriously. After all, what good is proclamation of possibility of a cure in absence of evidence of a prevention?

We need more of evidence we can relate to character. Evidence of the change possible in the heart, soul, spirit, and emotions when we allow Jesus have His way in our lives. Stuff with which the average person can relate.

The power of a changed life cannot be indifferently attributed to mere coincidence.

Written by

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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