How to know your Church Fellowship is ‘after God’s Heart’

It takes contemplation to get to know God

A Son of Encouragement does not practice pity, practices exaltation. When disciples were afraid of Saul, who would go on to become Paul, Barnabas introduced him to the Apostles — that is, Peter, James, and John — the leaders of all disciples.

It is by their fruits — actions and character — that we recognize, ‘Sons of Encouragement’.

The evidence from the Scriptures is unambiguous, Barnabas encouraged, Saul taught, and eventually, the Church acquired more of encouragers, that is, prophets, and more of teachers.

God is very clear, only teachers have characterization as shepherds. Given an apostle provides revelations of God to other believers, every apostle simultaneously is a teacher — Apostles Paul, James, Peter, and John, all Teachers.

A concrete set of illustrations of differences in balance between teaching and encouragement?

Apostle John speaks prophetically about what The Father expects believers at different stages of spiritual growth to be, declares what ought to be as if it already is.

All Apostles are Teachers, else they are unable to communicate spiritual truth. All Apostles are Prophets, else they are unable to encourage believers. Not all Apostles are equal parts, Teacher and Prophet.

Barnabas was a prophet, but not an Apostle, as such, while he could encourage, he did not have the gifting for teaching, hence, the true humility that sets him on a quest for a teacher who would go on to become an Apostle.

If all you receive in your church is encouragement in respect of the cares of this life, your church fellowship as yet is not after God’s heart, does not have teachers who guide you into knowledge and understanding of God — the source of eternal life that only is available to those who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Your confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior does not produce knowledge and understanding of God, rather only is the ticket, right, authority, or power for acquiring of knowledge of God. Only those who are authorized are able to arrive at eternal life.

If you profess faith in the name of Jesus Christ, the path to wisdom resides in active pursuit of knowledge of Jesus and The Father.

If your church fellowship is after God’s heart, there is teaching that guides towards knowledge of Jesus and The Father, and prophecy that encourages in the things of this life.

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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