How do we know something that is new is not wrong?

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In realm of Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics, such as Engineering, there is right, and there is wrong.

There was Mathematics involved, but the Mathematics sought to establish what already was assumed to be true.

Whenever Mathematics does not rely on a preset story, that is, does not assume rightness of what it seeks to investigate, typically Mathematics don’t lie.

What then is an important principle for detecting rightness or wrongness of things that are new?

Refusal to premise assessments of rightness or wrongness on a preset story.

The essence of the illustrations?

If we sat down and listed all of the truths that we hold in common, relative to the things that are not truths, there is more that we hold in common than otherwise.

Like I have said somewhere, regardless of skin color, all have ‘White of the Eyes’.

It is impossible for an increase in number of people driving for Uber or Lyft to produce any new growth in the economy of the United States. The numbers just can’t fit. A demand driven business cannot ever be transformed into a supply push business.

Would it not be easier to find love in Church if the pastor was not the only person expected to love everyone else?

If Church ever is to become a vibrant forum for friendships, Christians will have to discard their preset stories, will have to come to believe that Church is about them loving each other, such that God is pleased, as opposed to only loving the pastor, who then prays for them, such that God is pleased.

The law of cause and effect is a law of Mathematics.

Whenever man attempts to mess with this law, to act as if the law of Cause and Effect can be violated with impunity, man acts on a preset story that is inconsistent with the facts, that is inconsistent with evidence from history. History is a wise attestor to validity of the Mathematical law of Cause and Effect.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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