How do we create big ideas in a world within which people really no longer listen to one another?

Big ideas become big only because people listen to, discuss, embrace, and arise to concerted action on back of a big or great idea.

I have had some good experiences here on Medium. For the most part, however, when you ask an author of a post a question about their post, all you hear back is a deafening silence. Some other times, they resent the fact you asked a question.

But why write blog posts if you are not willing to engage in discourse? Is the purpose of writing for others not at the end of the day facilitation of discourse?

The problem is, when everyone only is thinking about how to utilize social media for their personal objectives, as opposed to in addition, facilitation of discourse, community, and concerted action, there is lots of talking but very little listening.

Is it then that we do not have big ideas? Or is it the case people are not listening enough to identify and respond to big ideas?

There are big ideas. The problem is people do not want to listen to big ideas that demand a response, ideas that tug at the heart and will, ideas that tug people out of their comfort zones. The problem with this?

All truly big ideas demand a response.

For most people, ignoring and refusing to seek out the big ideas makes life more comfortable and guilt free. The problem with this strategy? Refusing to acknowledge there is a bomb on your doorstep never will prevent the bomb from going off.

It is true Europe has prospered since the Second World War. There is an uneasiness in Europe, however, uneasiness fostered by fragility of the peace and prosperity Europeans enjoy. A little adverse but significant shock to economy of Germany and fragility of peace and prosperity in Western Europe will be exposed. It is true the United States has to some extent not stayed on the most prosperous paths, American prosperity is, however, not as fragile as European prosperity.

In relation to America and Europe, my point is both Europeans and Americans are in dire need of big ideas. But then if they need big ideas, how about Africa, Latin America, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia? If Western Europeans and North Americans need big ideas, the rest of the world is in dire need of earth shaking, earth moving, dare to shake things up great ideas.

Ideas anyone?

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