Hi Laura, I have written a book titled, In Jesus Name that is available for sale on Createspace.com or Amazon.com.

The book is all spirituality — I do not even discuss attendance at church services so I am not attempting to sell religion of any form.

The book focuses on how to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

You may read it and decide Jesus is not for you, that would be within your right.

Whether Jesus appeals to you or not, however, I believe you will benefit from reading the book.

I have a PhD from a top university in the United States. One thing I can say with 100% confidence after examining the evidence is that:

There is nothing irrational about faith in Jesus Christ. There is enough evidence to believe. My book discusses some of the evidence — evidence that stands up to the rigor of scientific scrutiny.

Can I prove Jesus as a fact? No.

But how many things in life can be proved to be facts? Most things we operate in by faith.

Consider buying a used car. You believe the car is in good shape. But do you know for a fact the car is in perfect shape? No. Even a computerized test cannot guarantee the car is in perfect health else they would attach a warranty to it and charge more than $50.00 to a $100 for it. Think of it, even brand new cars sometimes need warranty service.

It is important you realize having to fend off an attack on your mind does not make you mentally ill, just means you are under siege and have to fight to win.

Part of turning back the onslaught of mental illness is having a rational and consistent prism for living life and decision making. Jesus provides such a prism.

You can win the battle against mental illness. Separating presence of attacks on your mind from the state of your mind will be helpful in winning the battle.

I am not playing at words here.

The city of Constantinople was under siege for 10 years, yet won the war.

Rome was under siege from Hannibal for about 13 years yet won the war eventually.

Did the two cities suffer some damage in the process? Yes. But did they interpret damage as defeat? No. They kept on fighting and won eventually.

That you are under siege does not mean you are compromised or have lost.

I believe having Jesus on your side improves your odds of winning.

I hope you check out my book or Jesus Christ or both.

Know, however that regardless there is someone out there hoping and praying you win.

All the best.

Written by

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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