Hi Dan.

I took a look at the book you linked in your response, and having taken a look at it, I sort of get it’s drift.

There really is no doubt that something spiritual occurred in 1844. Clearly, there was some sort of spiritual shift.

But those expecting Jesus made a crucial and unforgivable mistake, not in the sense that God did not forgive them or that they should not be forgiven, but in the sense that they created chaos in many lives. Think of all of the simple believers who sold all they had because they believed in the prophecy that Jesus would return in 1844. Think of the despondence, the loss of faith. While a small segment kept faith, turned into Seventh-day Adventists, perhaps most totally lost true faith in Jesus Christ.

That people continue to attend church services does not necessarily mean they still maintain faith. Attendance at church services can be culturally and socially acceptable. Perhaps even an avenue to restoration of wealth.

As enunciated in my post, proponents of Jesus’ return stubbornly refused to believe words spoken by Jesus in the very same chapter, to wit,

Jesus declared very explicitly that no one would know the timing of His return. Jesus could not have said it any clearer.

With respect to what actually happened, the view that Jesus switched His daily activities in the heavenly sanctuary from applying His blood for salvation of man, to judgment of the soul of man may not be far from the truth. This, however, is something I have not studied for myself so I do not state as truth, merely as plausibility.

But there is precedence in the Scriptures.

God told Samuel to stop mourning (praying) for Saul and the Children of Israel because they had rejected Him. God switched from attempting to save to judgment (1Samuel 16:1). God’s judgment fully came to pass. Saul and Children of Israel fought the Philistines all his life,died at their hands. David? Fought for a while, dealt with them, had peace the rest of his reign, passed the peace to Solomon who towards the end of his reign squandered the peace to please his queens by switching to worship of Idols.

God told Elijah to leave the children of Israel alone. To let them worship Baal while He planned their judgment (1Kings 19:15–18). Not too many years later all of these 10 tribes were relocated to Assyria, just before the destruction of Assyria by a conglomerate of Babylon and Egypt between 700 and 600 BC. God’s judgment fully came to pass.

When King Mannaseh of Judah repented of his sins, God told him no amount of penance would prevent judgment from coming to pass (2Kings 21:10–15). Jerusalem was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar. The temple razed to the ground.

In the precedents available in Christian Scriptures, there is possibility that Jesus switched from applying His blood for repentance of man to applying His blood for judgment. Given applying His blood for justice achieves the same purpose— salvation of the just and those truly in search of truth, and destruction of those who love and practice evil — the difference is, mercy is not quite as extensible as previously.

As to the Bahai movement, the man claimed to be Christ incarnate, which in itself Jesus warned against in self same Chapter in the Book of Matthew. Sometimes people do these things because they want people to pay attention to what they have to say. But to be desperate to be heard to the point of claiming to be what you are not beclouds the purpose does it not? But in the belief that we should order our lives according to love — the heart of the Christian message, what Christianity is about, part of what I attempt to convey in my posts — the Bahai attempts to convey Christ’s message. But it would be remiss of me to believe in the Bahai as Christ incarnate when Jesus Himself warned any such claims are deception.

Note Jesus did not attest to Himself as the Messiah. Jesus was attested in entirety by Old Testament Scriptures and John the Baptist. The Jews were expecting Him. They merely refused to acknowledge He had come in person of Jesus Christ.

Some historian somewhere as joked that the Jews always have expected the Christ. All they demand, however, is He not show up before they die.

The Bahai’s message of love is a Christian message. But shedding of insight into how to acquire that love — essence of my Book titled (link to Amazon.com provided), “In Jesus Name — is what is of the utmost essence. The Book is an exposition of Christian Scriptures for highlighting essence of what the Bahai was trying to teach which is,

There is a love quality to be acquired from Jesus Christ. How to acquire in context of Jesus’ teachings? This is essence of all 372 pages.

I hope you will pick up a copy of my book.

Thanks for engaging and regards.


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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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