People who do not want help tend not to get angry when they do not find help. They push people away, find succor in different types of drugs — opium, alcohol, crack (for those not so well off according to some famous celebrities), cocaine (apparently for the rich and famous, and not so rich folks willing to go broke) etc. At this point, it is not clear to me the extent to which opiods are for everyone, the rich and famous, or the not so rich.

Whenever people find themselves in difficult straits and are welcoming of help but do not find help from either of people or institutions from which they expect to receive help they tend to get angry. They get angry at society, get angry at society’s institutions — those in particular from which they expected to receive help, get angry at life itself. When such people feel pushed to the wall, all it takes is some random action or event to trigger a total breakdown in self control, a total breakdown in regard for welfare of others. If they are going to go down the chute of life, they reckon they might as well take along with them some of the people who seemingly ignored their situation. We have then a good recipe for an act of violence — random or targeted.

In wake of the massacre in Florida, there seems to be momentum towards licensing of teachers to carry guns to school. My first question is:

May turn out to be opportunity for black kids to put white folks trying to teach them in jail. After all, if any of those teachers get angry at their antics to the point of pulling out that gun from their class drawer, jail exactly is where they will be headed. Perhaps eventually we have a path to reversing trends in jails — more white men with Baccalaureate degrees in jail than black men.

Alright, suppose we exclude schools located within Ghettos such that only teachers in schools located within decent districts get to carry guns to school. We know already that some teachers have sex with their students. Some have been caught in the past; you bet there are some doing it right now believing they will not be caught; likely there will be some teacher who thinks he is smarter than all those who got caught having sex with a High School kid sometime in the future. While teachers who fit the highlighted mold clearly are a minority, a teacher who sleeps with a pre-College kid must be assessed as possessive of serious issues in realm of self discipline or self control. It may well turn out that the probability this class of teachers lose control while having guns in their possession is not much different from the probability that a kid who feels neglected — whether the kid should so feel is not the issue with which I grapple in this post — will go to school for a gun fed massacre. We may end up then with maintenance of probability of a gun massacre in schools, but with rogue teachers making up the numbers. This again raises the probability that we have a path to arriving at a reversal of trends in jails — more white men with Baccalaureate degrees in jail than black men.

American society is broken. Banning guns of whatever type will do nothing to fix this brokenness; neither will allowing of teachers to carry guns to school. By the way, all of those teachers who have been giving their lives to shield students from being shot during massacres, for those who left children behind, how many of the children left behind have been offered fully funded scholarships to colleges of their choice so long as they gain admittance? If none of these deceased teachers’ children have received fully funded scholarships for college, teachers perhaps need to rethink their savior mentality.

I wrote a post titled, Gun Violence: A Manifesto several days ago. Implementation of my manifesto for resolution of gun violence responds to realism of gun violence and avoids all of the politicking and mere talking which always surrounds massacres but within days soon is forgotten. American High School kids should not expect to fare any better than High School kids of Hong Kong in their dealings with their government. High School kids of Hong Kong did not get what they wanted. If American High School kids are seeking banning of rapid fire guns they are wasting their time.

The right to bear arms — rapid fire arms in particular — is a constitutional right, the right which ensures any foreign invasion of America which infiltrates past American military will have to contend with well armed civilians. Sounds like science fiction, but someone already made such a movie (Red Dawn starring Chris Hemsworth). In light of the need to ensure civilians remain well armed in event the Chinese, Arabs, or Russians manage to infiltrate America, like it or not gun rights are here to stay. I do not own a gun and do not aspire to own a gun. But if America got invaded, I would be happy there exists a neighbor with lots of guns willing to hand me one so we can knock the crap out of whatever groups of invaders decide to put American bravery to the the test.

So yes, I vote for gun rights not for myself but so Americans with a militia mind set can have rest of mind. If there is anything worse than school shootings, it is leaving a huge swath of a country feeling unprotected and naked because they do not have access to guns for what they envision someday could happen — an invasion of America which slips past American military and intelligence. In light of recent events, while I do not ascribe to such fears, I cannot say such fears are misplaced or irrational.

If High School kids really want to march for change, let them march for my manifesto designed for resolution of gun violence in America. My manifesto simultaneously decreases the risk America ever will become so weak an invasion bypasses American military and intelligence to the point only civilians are in position to mount a defense.

I hope you will cast a vote for my manifesto designed for resolution of gun violence in United States of America.

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