Fighting for Freedoms vis-a-vis Fighting for Liberties

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Freedoms always connote responsibilities, rights, and restraints.

The fight against drugs in United States is stark evidence for presence of dichotomy between freedoms and liberties. Even more stark is the fact that taking of drugs (demonstration of a liberty) is harmful to people’s capacity for maintenance of freedoms (capacity for output and productivity in just about every sphere of life).

Well functioning Civil Governments ensure freedoms do not devolve into liberties.

Subsequent to assassination of Julius Caesar, Rome was ruled by Emperors, never again was ruled by Senators. Senators became sidekicks to Emperors.

We are talking here of rulership by Emperors for the next 500 years until Rome first was sacked about 454 AD (there continued to be emperors in the Western Roman Empire, but they were a shadow of what Roman Emperors had been in past).

But was Julius Caesar not assassinated because supposedly he sought to become Emperor?

If Senators assassinated Julius Caesar for pursuit of democracy, why were future Emperors celebrated, not merely tolerated or assassinated?

It is pursuit of liberties (absence of restraints), as opposed to pursuit of freedoms that makes Roman Senators tell a man — Julius Caesar , who had spent the last 18 months of life conquering territory for benefit of same senators — that they would hear him only at their own leisure or pleasure.

Have you ever heard of a dictator or tyrant who kept detractors who already had tried to oppose him, who already had tried to kill him in power, in wealth, in influence?

Brutus, a man who could not command an army would not share rulership with a supposed friend, Julius Caesar who treated their disagreements merely as a disagreement, who made possible the wealth of the Roman Empire. Still think Brutus really was a friend to Julius Caesar?

On the night Julius Caesar was murdered, he was to discuss his vision for the Roman Empire with the Roman Senate.

Dictators and Tyrants do not discuss, they demand.

If Julius Caesar was guilty of any vice (sic), it was believing that doing good to those filled with hatred can make friends of enemies. But then, how else can belief in freedom live?

It is important to note that the current arrangement within which Generals serve to protect a territory cannot be compared with a time within which wealth commanded by the Senate was itself outcome of strength and wisdom of Generals.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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