Faith that is Rational: Some Litmus Tests

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD
9 min readJan 28

In the context of Christian Spirituality, absent Faith a believer in the name of Jesus is unable to please God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. There exists philosophical, non-Biblical evidence for the importance of Faith. In stated respect, the importance of faith philosophically is evident in the reality, to wit, absent some belief as to the rightness of a project, rational man does not embark on projects.

Yet, necessarily belief in the rightness of a project is based on some preliminary evidence, but yet evidence that does not eliminate all uncertainty. In stated respect, whereas a financial analyst can arrive at the inference, to wit, one project is expected to be more profitable than another, it often has been the case that the anticipation turned out to be false, because the analyst was unaware of some important parameter. So then, all projects are premised on faithbelief that is premised on evidence — but yet at origin time of a project, faith embeds some uncertainty.

Faith that, at origin time does not embed any Uncertainty is not Faith, rather is Fact. Faith, as such is not Fact.

Applied to Faith in Jesus, if Faith is Rational, at origin time, it is premised on some evidence, yet embeds some uncertainty. Uncertainty implies non-arrival, as yet at some knowledge, equivalently some awareness which resolves the uncertainty. If then Christian faith passes the philosophical test, faith is augmented with knowledge for the resolution of the uncertainty that subsisted, a priori at the origin time of faith. If, however, we are unable to specify the exact nature of the knowledge that is required, a believer can invest in knowledge which does not facilitate the elimination of the uncertainty that is in faith.

With Knowledge attenuating Uncertainty, it is Knowledge that strengthens Faith’s Resolve for maintenance of progression towards an Objective.

It is Resolve that Faith accrues from Knowledge.

In a world filled with unanticipated events, such as Covid-19, typically the faith in a project is, to one degree or another…

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD

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