Experimentation and Law of Invertibility

is a law of life that not every event, action, or outcome is invertible, equivalently, is reversible in it’s effects.

The classic example of this law of life is death. With exception of Jesus Christ, there does not exist any cadre of spirituality within which the source of principles of spirituality supposedly came back from the dead.

Every person within Christian circles who ever has claimed capacity for coming back from the dead always has lacked originality, was mimicking Jesus Christ.

Some poor deluded guys have been known to recant Christianity while professing to be reincarnations of Jesus Christ.

How exactly does a reincarnation of Jesus Christ recant Christianity? Claim to transcend, perhaps. But recant?

a world which increasingly lacks agreement on norms, there is more of willingness to experiment with actions, events, and paths of life. People experiment with bisexuality, with feelings of gayness, with living together without commitment, with exotic characterizations of spirituality etc. At country level, people experiment with different types of leaders, different nuances of government, with hate filled agendas.

America just completed an experiment with the first black man as President of the United States. Understandably perhaps, and regardless of several shootings of unarmed black men, Barack Obama refused to engage with black-white racial issues. But then he should at the very least have applied his significant powers towards setting up of a commission that would proffer recommendations on how to move forward on black-white racial issues. America since then has pivoted full circle to a core conservative White American as President. Perhaps black people in America can get that commission out of a conservative White American President who cannot on basis of such actions be accused of ‘feelings of blackness’ while sitting in the Oval Office.

In the quest for experimentation it is important to keep in mind the law of invertibility, which is, if you at all will experiment, if at all you are not sure whether you are committed to a course of action, do your very best to ensure your actions, your events, your paths lie in realm of invertibility, for not all actions, events, or outcomes are invertible.

If you must experiment, let your actions, your events, your paths lie in realm of invertibility.

ou perhaps are familiar with the Jonestown massacre orchestrated by Reverend Jim Jones way back in 1978 that resulted in deaths of over 900 persons. All of the people who died, all of the people who committed suicide presumably followed Reverend Jim Jones to Guyana for founding of a new way of life.

But death is not a new way of life. Death is non-invertible. Jesus, the person in whom those people all professed to believe — Reverend Jim Jones inclusive — promised only He can raise His followers back to life. Not only that, Jesus told His followers to live among other people, not seek to live in some enclave separate from people who did not exercise faith in Him.

In the choice to relocate to Guyana and start an enclave, followers of Jim Jones embarked on an experiment not sanctioned by source of their principles of spirituality, Jesus Christ. In the decision to commit suicide, they again embarked on an experiment not sanctioned by source of their spirituality. In aggregate, followers of Jim Jones embarked on actions, and events, and paths that ultimately were non-invertible.

That their new way of life was not predicated on any real asset — some product to be produced and sold outside of the commune, or some planned industrial self sufficiency in investments and consumption — was evidence something was not quite right with the entire enterprise.

today you will consider actions, events, or paths of life that have potential for non-invertibility, if actions or events considered emanate out of some other person, it perhaps is important to ask yourself, “why does this person demand the action or event from me not from himself or herself?

Whether Jesus Christ in fact did resurrect or not, one thing we know for sure, which is, He never demanded anyone die for Him, chose rather to die for those whom He loved. There was nothing Jesus demanded of His disciples that He himself did not first demonstrate. Jesus was upstanding that way.

If anyone demands non-invertible actions, events, or paths from you, a mark of credibility is, they precede you on advocated course of action.

If Jim Jones’ followers had insisted he and his lieutenants be the first to commit suicide, with his insistent voice out of the picture, they probably would have gotten themselves back into a right frame of mind.

a world increasingly fraught with search for mindfulness, meaning, and spiritual health, if you will listen to anyone else for arrival at decisions on mindfulness, meaning, and spiritual health, do yourself a favor, demand they lead the way, demand they lead by example.

If they claim they need to remain behind because they know better, well then they proffer you do not have capacity for attainment to whatever it is they claim to be. But if you cannot become like them, what exactly is point of following them, of listening to them?

A cadre of spirituality whose teachings cannot enable you become like your teachers lacks credibility of invertible experimentation. If you become, and know how you become, you know how not to remain whatever it is you become.

Ensuring that experimentation with actions, events, or paths that likely are non-invertible stems from love for your own self is ageless wisdom. Love for your very own self requires no less a stricture, requires no less a demand.

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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