Every Christian must take ownership of their relationship with Christ. Church is a place for rubbing of minds with other believers, not a place for giving up of ownership of relationship with Jesus Christ. Most people give up their individuality in church not for Jesus Christ, but for conformity they believe is economically beneficial.

In so far as ‘Whiteness’ of Jesus Christ is concerned, I advice that you think of Jesus, much the same as His Father as a Spirit, not in some physical form. Yes, it is true Jesus had some facial features while here on earth, but He definitely could not have been White. Jews were not White until they migrated to America and Europe.

More importantly, since Jesus has a glorified body, I am confident that post resurrection, He has no color. In Revelation Chapter 1 where Jesus is described in His post resurrection glory, there do not exist any facial features — no skin color, no angular face, no beard, no mustache. Every depiction of Jesus Christ with facial features — artistic imagination, not from the Bible.

Consider that Revelation 1:16 says, and I quote (my words in brackets):

His (Jesus’) face was like the sun shining in its strength.

The rays of the sun do not have any one color — as revealed in the rainbow every once in a while, they contain the entire color spectrum. So Jesus’ face radiates every color imaginable. Let’s not impose a color on the resurrected Jesus Christ where God Himself has not.

Personally, I do not think of Jesus as White or Black or Hispanic or Middle Eastern or Asian. I think of Him simply as my Lord and Savior. Jesus does not belong to the White man or Black man etc. He is Lord of all. Christianity is not the White man’s religion. None of Peter, James, John, or Paul were White. They were all Jews, with Paul only qualifying as an European Jew.

Yes, it is true the White man, particularly the British and American brought the gospel to Africa. But that was a privilege and opportunity for which they have been richly rewarded. All of the prosperity in the West cannot be dissociated from sacrifices made by ordinary White people — men and women — to take the gospel to different parts of the world.

Christianity is not the White man’s religion. It may have been committed to the White man as some point in time, but not so it belongs to the White man. Whoever attempts to take ownership of worship of God attempts to usurp authority not given, can eat at the foundation of prosperity and progress built up by truly humble believers over thousands of years.

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