‘Everlasting Father’ vis-a-vis ‘Father of Eternity’

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In the NKJV:

In the YLT:

Everlasting Father means ‘a Father who lives forever’. Father of Eternity means ‘Creator of Eternity’.

A God who creates eternity, but who cannot live eternally is a misnomer, a contradiction.

What good is attempting to love your spouse if your spouse never can receive the action in time and space?

Jesus as ‘Father of Eternity’ is consistent with John 3:16, and the assertion that “In Him (Jesus Christ), we live, and move, and are — Acts 17:28”.

Each of temporal life (who we are), and Eternal life (we was, we are, and continue to be) is possible only in Jesus Christ.

But is Jesus Christ merely Everlasting Father, or better yet, Father of Eternity?

The phraseology, Jesus Christ is ‘Father of Eternity’ renders self contradictory and non-meaningful the question, “Who created God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Jesus, as Father of Eternity is more consistent with ethos of Christian Scriptures.

How then do we reconcile the fact that Jesus Christ is not His Father, as such is not the almighty God?

We conclude Jesus indeed is Father of Eternity.

We conclude The Father is separate from all of His Creation, reject pantheism.

Jesus is first born of Creation (Colossians 1:15) in the sense that absent Jesus, Creation would be impossible.

Never in history of Christianity has a man living among men being designated target of glory due the Almighty God, Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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