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The way the story goes, Donald Trump represents everything that conceivably could be wrong with the United States of America.

Since The Donald took over office, America once again has begun to affect world affairs. The rest of the world may not like Trump, or yet still this new America. What the rest of the world has not been able to do, much as it was wont to do between 2009 and 2016, is ignore the United States of America.

For the first time in many years America straddles world affairs not merely because the rest of the world does not have many other options for investing of excess monies, but because America once again is actively involved in world politics not as a pacifier, but as an instigator.

That word, instigation? When a gal sits a guy down for discussion of their romantic relationship, she instigates, perhaps may save the relationship. Ditto the guy who avoids the proverbial text message or voicemail in attempts at working out a romantic relationship.

But I digress.

The years, 2017 through 2018 have generated more respect from the rest of the world for America than combined, all of the preceding eight years under Barack Obama.

The United States of America no longer goes around attempting to pacify, now is instigator of world politics. Instigation can be good, is not necessarily bad for relationships.

Now, you may argue that were America be perceived to be too aggressive on the world stage, this may induce China and the Arabs to pull their monies out of the American economy.

While I am not supportive of aggression for sake of aggression — instigation is not necessarily aggression — the question remains, if the Chinese and Arabs pull their money out of the USA where exactly are they going to put it? In the United Kingdom — an economic environment within which nobody knows what exactly will happen under cloud of Brexit? Or perhaps still, Eastern Europe (does any extremely inviting location for investments come to mind)? In Africa, the next frontier? Last I heard, Africa was celebrating being advised to develop soft skills such as marketing skills, and focus on web based businesses for facilitation of economic development. This in an infrastructurally challenged continent. Russia perhaps, a political environment that cannot be extremely inviting for foreign investments? Post Putin anything could happen in Russia. Russia likely would be totally up for grabs. The fact of the matter? Outside of the United States, Arabs and Chinese do not have many other alternatives for investing of excess monies.

Does Donald Trump have excesses that perhaps could be curtailed? Absolutely. But we are not talking about a career politician who over the course of his life had to live by political correctness. We are talking about a man who built his wealth on an image, blonde hair and all.

Me personally, it would be nice if Trump could shake America up over one presidential term then have momentum from the shake up carried on by credible career politicians. As much as I believe Trump overall has been good for America, it is egregious, is it not, that a country as great as America had need of a Businessman, as opposed to a career politician for shaking things up, for making America relevant again. As much as I enjoy shaking up of things by Donald Trump, it would be nice if we all once again can believe that American politics possesses capacity for producing of great leaders.

But does America have any credible career politicians who can succeed The Donald? Can you reel off a couple of career politicians — Republicans or Democrats — you believe can maintain the momentum generated within the American sociopolity? Any candidates that really have stood up for something important, any candidates who have gone against the grain, who have stood for something that mainly benefits the general polity, who have stood for something that has capacity for standing the test of time?

Any career candidates with career long evidence of willingness to, and capacity for shaking things up?

If you do not like or love Donald Trump, and do not want him to remain President of the United States in 2020/2021, you have two years for convincing of yourself you can find a credible career politician as replacement.

The clock my friends already is ‘tick-tock’ ticking away.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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