Does Jesus Christ show up at every Christian themed church service?

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Worship resides in the heart not in attendance at any ceremony. Attendance at church services is an act of worship only if it proceeds out of the heart of a person who already worships Jesus Christ in his or her heart. It is impossible to worship Jesus Christ in context of a church service if there is no respect for His principles — kindness, justice or truth, and righteous living.

Jesus Christ seeks our friendship, declares He enjoys our friendship whenever we treat some other person other than Himself rightly, kindly, justly, truthfully. Desires we make as many friends as possible this way, does not seek to tie us to His apron strings.

What then is the spiritual act of worship for a believer in Jesus Christ? The conscious choice to do what is right, what is good, what is noble, what is excellently righteous.

Church services are supposed to be opportunities for believers in the name of Jesus Christ to love on each other deeply from the heart. Hallelujah.

How many weak Christians have lost a battle with the enemy because all they could do in a church service was sit, listen, leave? How many spiritual battles lost might have been won if people struggling with sin found an empathetic loving ear, loving advice and encouragement, and loving support when faced with tough decisions that have to do with resistance to evil and doing of what is right?

Church services are supposed to be opportunities for loving of other Christians. Only in context of loving of other Christians is participation in church service worship of Jesus Christ. Mere attendance at a church service does not imply worship of Jesus Christ or His Father. Exactly how we worship outside of church services — demonstration of kindness, justice or truth, and righteousness — is exactly how we worship in context of a church service.

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