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Many persons question whether you and I really do in fact have free will? Some persons go as far as to say, based on their own experiences I guess, that none of us have our very own thoughts, that our thoughts come floating to from us nether metaphysical world.

If all of these naysayers about free will, or absence of free will are right, none of us really are able to blame Donald Trump for anything he does about which we disagree, now can we?

Consider parents and their children. When children are little, they are directed by parents. They are told when to go to bed, that they have to go to school, are woken up in the morning for school, receive birthday parties that they never asked for, birthday parties they perhaps do not enjoy, etc. The list goes on and on, but the drift is clear.

So then, children become teenagers. While daughters become less difficult, sidle up to their mothers (ahem, in the good equilibrium), sons become more difficult, in presence of formation of male testosterone, and beards that are no more than brittle, begin to assert themselves like the men that they eventually have to become.

It is not so much that teenage boys start to think better, but rather that they begin to assert themselves. But self assertion implies some consciousness, some welcoming of a change that, were it to have been instigated by other worldly spirits from some nether world, still have to be taken ownership of by them boys.

Well then, girls become young women. Some choose to marry, others choose to pursue a career. Regardless of root source of said choices, there is change, and there is choice.

Boys? Well, they become young men, typically become fathers who raise children, or fathers who spawn children and pay alimony to five different women, or divorced fathers whose ex wives turn access to their children into attempts at infliction of some emotional pain, a game shunned by ex husbands who are wise.

Sometime in course of middle age, some men acquire spiritual awareness, become detached from attachment to physical things, cease to judge themselves by their biceps, cars, or houses, become more in tune with the spiritual, with their inner self. There is peace, and there is joy, and there is a consciousness that they are not alone, that they have companionship of eternal spirits.

When they go to bed at night, these men look forward to the morning. When they wake up in the morning, their spirits and minds are filled with joy and thanksgiving for a new day filled with possibilities. All of a sudden, choices no longer seem to arrive from some nether world. Rather, there is consciousness of emanation of choices from deep within their very own spirits, from within their inner self. Why does this become possible?

The Lesson? Life is a journey. Just because yours has yet to arrive at the point at which your choices take on character of emanating out of your very own self does not imply such a state does not exist. And just because some famous men have given up on feasibility of such a state does not mean you have to be like them.

But just as it takes upwards of 20 years, post Baccalaureate degree, to become an expert in your profession, so also it takes odes of time to master the self to the point that your self and choices become as real to you as a sofa, or as a car.

Things that require mastery do not come easy. If you run right, run by the rules (you cannot desire mastery, and involve yourself in efforts that attempt to deny others opportunity for arrival at same mastery), and stay the course, you are bound to arrive at mastery that makes your self come alive in ways you never before imagined were possible.

Inner peace and joy that is immune to circumstances of life is possible in this life. But if you desire it, you have to be willing to pay the price.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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