Did someone motivate ‘purpose’ as difference between man and animals?

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Mankind is caught up with attempts at arriving at exact distinction between man as species (male or female) and animals. Could be evolution, could be envy for free guiltless polygamous sex available to animals, this without any recriminations of divine judgment, or very well could be anything else, suffice it to say mankind is caught up with distinguishing of itself from animals. After all, if we are no different from animals, why exactly would God restrict our sexual preferences to what one child ‘tongue in cheek’ referred to as monotony.

I myself am guilty of stated obsession as charged. I can associate myself with one, two, maybe even three prior posts on same subject. That being said, this post is necessitated by a distinction attempt I came across recently on self same subject.

ust the other day, I came across the notion that man differs from animals with respect to the fact that man has ‘purpose’. By the way, before you raise the ‘it must be a Christian themed attempt at distinction’ response, this was no Christian themed post.

Logic of the ‘purpose’ distinction in that write up can be espoused somewhat as follows. Since purpose must be grand and lofty (e.g Einstein, Newton, Curie, Trump etc.), animals, most of whom spend all of their time in the wild sleeping, having sex, and raising offspring very well cannot be imbued with purpose.

Granted, the logic is not totally irrational, sounds reasonable. After all, we would be imbuing sleep and sex with way too much significance if we deem such activity ‘purpose’. Also, given most offspring are raised by females, and in some cases not raised at all within the animal kingdom, raising of children cannot be ubiquitously construed to be purpose in context of animal species.

ut wait a minute, by said logic, it is not purpose for horses to be ridden into war, for dogs to be applied to shepherding of sheep, for bulls to be utilized for tilling of the soil, for fish and goats to be utilized for food, and for sheep to produce inputs for warm clothing.

Well then, if that indeed is the case, perhaps we should shepherd sheep with owls or lions, or apply alligators to tilling of the soil for raising corn. Or better yet still, perhaps Clydesdale horses would be good company for television viewing right after we return from work.

Anyways, what is important is, no matter the extent to which we are caught up with arriving at distinctions between mankind and animals, it is important to consider the matter carefully.

Just because animals are unable to participate in the discussion does not imply it is okay to belittle their worth.

What then is distinction between animals and mankind? Well, perhaps I take my own advice, not consider arrival at a most precise answer an imperative. Three posts on the distinction perhaps is enough to leave well alone.

ut really, ‘purpose’ as

distinction between man and animals?

Give me a break.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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