Christianity never will impact society via closeting of itself three times a week in church services.

The problem is Christianity stopped being intellectual in a world that has become more perversely intellectual.

Young people of today have no meaningful defense for Christian beliefs. How will Christianity impact a generation which questions it’s beliefs without intellectual arguments? How can the church attract a perversely intellectual generation without intellectual arguments?

When evolution is thrown at young people in school, where is the church’s concerted rational response using the same grounds — history, archaeology, science?

If we think most young people will go looking for this information themselves on the internet, the church is sadly deluded. Do young people even know what to look for? Do they know where to start?

Expecting young people of today to just believe or figure things out for themselves is intellectual suicide.

But the intellectual arguments always have been available. The church just has lost its way. History, archaeology, science all are filled with necessary intellectual arguments. But the church grew lazy and fat and started using just believe in place of intellectual arguments.

Lest I be accused of emphasizing what the Bible does not, Apostle Peter makes clear in 1Peter 3:15, intellectual arguments must be part of the Christian’s response to “why do you believe?”

When we combine the intellectual arguments with love in our daily lives and interactions with others, we will begin to have more of an impact on this world in which we live.

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