Christianity is a system of beliefs which over time increasingly has become an organized (religious) system.

A person can be a Christian, yet not be religious. In order to be a Christian, you believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, and love everyone around you as best you can.

There does not exist any dogma in this core of Christian beliefs, only practicality. Is there evil in the world? Yes. Well, believe in Jesus Christ for salvation from tendency to evil and power to do good. So now you do good and reduce the amount of evil in the world. Sounds very pragmatic, useful, and society enhancing does it not? Would the USA not be a better place if everyone chose to do more of good in their lives?

How exactly does this core of Christian beliefs focus on praying and waiting for answers?

It has become increasingly trendy and sophisticated to bash religion. In the bashing of religion, however, it is important to remember that a cadre of spirituality such as Christianity is not a religion, merely has been organized into a religious system. The organization into a religious system cannot be avoided, is a response to imperfections in society, yet does not function quite as well as it should.

A Christian can believe in and follow footsteps of Jesus Christ without getting caught up in all of the ‘religion’ in organized Christianity.

A spiritual system that emphasizes actions as evidence of spirituality — love for others — cannot at the same time be a system that emphasizes sitting on your bum all day doing nothing, or spending all of your time in prayer. In actual fact, Jesus emphasized not attempting to impress God by spending of lots of time in prayer (Matthew 23:14).

Prayer is most useful in Christianity for receiving of strength and wisdom for getting stuff done, not for waiting for God to do.

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