Normal or Cancerous? Copyright: Shutterstock

Incidence of cancer in humans is on the increase the news screams at me. I do not bother to search for the evidence. I know it is true because when cancer becomes a scourge in lives of little children, it is obvious we already have way too much of it and much more than we had in prior decades. No statistics necessary for me, only the faces of those little children lying in hospital beds staring back at me on the television.

Some cancers are curable, some are death sentences. We continue to search for cures, with the hope of finding solutions to what seems to be an endless game of cat and mouse. You see, just as soon as scientists obtain cures for one form of cancer, another rare form steps in to take its place. We are engaged it would seem in a war we are unable to win because for every meaningful victory there always is some new and significant setback. Consider that celebration of ubiquity of a new cancer and consequent advancements in treatments simultaneously celebrates increase in incidence of cancer and increase in rate at which people are infected with the disease.

In so far as avoidance of cancer is concerned, we are advised not to use our cell phones while refueling our cars at gas stations. We also are advised not to keep our cell phones too close while we sleep. Frankly, were it not for the minute but feasible probability of magnetic waves generating an explosion at a gas station, I would not care. Call me whatever you want, but in a world within which stringed beans, palm oil, vegetable oil, or any other seemingly harmless thing we eat is capable of generating cancer, what exactly is the point of not using cell phones at gas stations a la probability of cancer? I eat every day, but do not go to the gas station every day — the odds are lost already. If only for management of those odds, faith in Jesus does not seem to be so much of a bad idea. Believe in the man or not, the evidence inside and outside of the Bible? Jesus healed people during his time on earth.

Now consider we are about to have electricity filling stations all over the western world for refueling of electric cars. While electric cars will have what are referred to as ‘pick ups’ for acquisition of electricity from electricity pads embedded in the ground, some of the electromagnetic waves generated will seep out into the environment. Regardless of seep or not, electricity pads embedded in the ground generate electromagnetic waves to which we all will be exposed to one degree or another.

But if probability of cancer is high from usage of cell phones, what exactly will happen to that probability when we have electricity pads generating electromagnetic waves all over the Western Hemisphere? Do we have any idea whether electrocharged bodies of passengers on planes, all of whom drove electric cars to work, can induce failure of electromagnetic equipment required for safety of domestic flights? If space suits are not mandated for driving of electric cars, should regulators insist we own and drive one? Are scientists, engineers, policy makers engaged with these questions or is it the case policy makers are in collusion with cancerous cells, determined every single one of us must have exposure to cancer? Perhaps the ‘anti-natalists’ who tinker with recommendations we self destruct because the world is too evil have taken over governments of the Western world. This perhaps is their path to pyrrhic victory — cancer for all. After all, no one with terminal cancer considers procreation worthwhile application of time.

It gets worse.

Currently, innovators are trying out technologies that will enable electric cars charge each other as we drive on Highways. So we keep cell phones away from our bodies for reduction of risk of cancer. For additional reduction of probability of cancer, we now will permanently surround our bodies with crackling of electromagnetic waves, all so we do not have to depend on a natural product we pull out of the ground but for which we are too dependent on autocratic, Arab, or fiduciary deficient developing countries. Either policy makers have yet to think this through, or they secretly have become anti-natalists engaged in tacit collusion with cancer.

Perhaps cancer is the answer to the anti-natalists’ desire because treatment it seems is more painful than allowing cancerous cells just eat through the body. If fire is not planted right, destruction of the earth with fiery bombs can generate extremely high levels of pain over a very short window of time. Drowning everyone on earth in some watery deluge— even God says He is not trying that one anymore. I guess we are left then with cancer as potential answer to the anti-natalists’ non-desirous wish.

Just so you know, I aim to stick with my petrol or diesel oozing car or muscle car and all of the beautiful noises those engines are capable of for just as long as I possibly can.

I aim not to arrive at the wedding made in hell until policy makers make me turn in my petrol or diesel gorging monstrosity in exchange for cash or tax credits and an electric Aston Martin.

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos