Are the fruits you eat three years cured?

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Food we know is essential for life. People stop eating, they die. While water can and does substitute for food for some lengths of time, whenever ingested water eventually runs out of nutrients for circulating around the body — nutrients only food provides — people die.

Food is an essential commodity for life.

While some people go the whole hog and choose to become vegetarians, there is merit to diets composed of meats, red meats inclusive. It is well established for instance that red meats carry some protein derivative nutrients not available in plants or fruits. If you seek to build bone mass and muscles, this typically cannot be robustly supported by a vegetarian diet.

Weight lifters are not known for vegetarianism.

Perhaps the most important benefit of vegetables and fruits is absence of high cholesterol fats. Add non-exposure to high cholesterol fats to other benefits of vegetables and fruits and vegetarianism becomes highly attractive to some people.

But what if your vegetables and fruits naturally are tainted?

What if processing of vegetables, and perhaps fruits by animals such as sheep, goats, cows etc. helps get rid of natural taint in vegetables or fruits?

In an ancient text which records lives and practices of people who lived more than 3,000 years ago, fruit from newly planted trees never were consumed during the first fruit bearing season.

Whenever fruit bearing trees were planted in this ancient civilization, all of the fruit borne was allowed to fall to the ground, decompose, and become part of the top soil for guess how many years? Three years. The fruit from the tree would be eaten starting the fourth season of fruit bearing.

The rationale for the stated practice was the belief that soil becomes tainted over time. So then when an apple tree brings forth fruit, apples borne the first three years are assumed tainted by soil components that are not natural constituents of apples.

By allowing apples borne the first three years to fall to the ground, decompose, and become part of the top soil, it was ensured that starting the fourth year, apples would be more likely to be 100% apple, not 75% apple, 25% soil taint. That 25% soil taint they reasoned could be worth a couple of illnesses to the population. If soil was highly degraded, that apple could be 25% apple, 75% soil taint.

Soil taint, however, is not necessarily poisonous, soil taint just is not supposed to be part of the fruit.

While highlighted principle naturally could be extended to vegetables, the fact that vegetables tend to be prepared — broiled or fried etc. — prior to being eaten minimizes effects of soil taint on consumption of vegetables. Given fruits typically are eaten as is, soil taint has more of a negative effect on consumption of fruits. If you consume most of your vegetables raw, however, reasonableness of the three year cure would apply. Given vegetables place less of a demand on soil than fruit trees, however, soil taint in vegetables never can be as high as soil taint in fruit.

In a world within which production of food has become almost entirely commercialized, it is unlikely farmers are willing to lose three crops of apples, oranges, or grapes all so you are more likely to eat 100% apple, orange, or grape, as opposed to having your oranges be 60% orange, 30% grape, 10% naturally occurring weeds that previously had domicile on same patch of soil.

But if that 10% weed turns out to be a weed which helps prevent cancer, you would love your farmers for not curing your oranges three years out. What’s a little grape and weed in cancer preventing orange you probably would opine?

Next time you pick up your fruits from the grocery store, you just might whisper a prayer to whatever or whoever it is in whom you believe, to wit, soil taint in fruit be as beneficial to your body as real fruit. Or perhaps that soil taint be turned miraculously into real fruit. After all, Jesus turned water into wine. Or perhaps still, dump fruits for cholesterol in red meat. Coupled with exercise, red meats can’t make anyone fat. Or perhaps yet, for arrival at some balance, pray over fruits, eat red meats, and exercise.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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