Are Christians Really the Only People Capable of ‘Goodness’?

As instituted in civil laws of society can you confidently assert that capacity for living in consonance with the moral code is getting easier?

While there exists men and women who struggle with living up to the moral code, there simultaneously exist men and women who exercise willpower, moral rectitude, and inner strength for living up to moral codes of behavior. In so far as living up to the moral code is concerned, this men it would seem have no need for Jesus Christ.

Quieting of a conscience via persistence in wrong courses of action never is evidence for rightness of decisions, actions, or behavior.

When it comes to self actualization, man it would seem suffers from naturally occurring cognitive dissonance. Enter Jesus offering washing in His blood and receipt of His Spirit as solution to demonstrated evidence of naturally occurring and ubiquitous cognitive dissonance.

Most people see Jesus mostly as a personal Savior. This of course is true. The teachings and life of Jesus Christ are most relevant, however, in context of relations between leaders and the people they lead. In the command to His disciples that leaders are appointed for ensuring welfare of people entrusted to their care, as opposed to exploitation, Jesus decries all efforts at self actualization that trample on rights of others who themselves have equal right to self actualization and determination — the very essence of America’s Declaration of Independence.

Jesus instituted democratic principles before ever there was any real democracy anywhere in the world. American democracy is built on foundation of Jesus’ teachings.

You personally may not need Jesus for morality. You perhaps could argue you do not need Jesus for ensuring you do not give in to mistreatment of others — never mind the fact that your propensity for mistreatment of others hinges on naturally occurring clouding of perception of quality of your actions.

The empirical evidence shows very clearly that absent implementation of Jesus’ teachings, every revolution induces dystopian endings, endings that at times are worse than outcomes that subsisted under overthrown regimes. Just ask Ukrainians how they fared after overthrow of the Czars.

Even now, American democracy continues to be under threat from those who seek to turn America into a hedonistic, as opposed to a ‘human faced capitalist economy’. Without teachings of Jesus Christ, there exists little if any effective ammunition — philosophy, principles — for fighting off said hedonists.

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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