Appreciate essence of this piece. This is real essence of spirituality — arrival at some framework for living which has universal application, a framework which facilitates decision making in all situations. Spirituality then in reality is tantamount to philosophy of life.

The real essence of faith in Jesus Christ is exactly your conclusions.

John 1:12 states

To all who received Him (Jesus Christ) He gave power to become sons of God.

Christian organizations or individual Christians may misrepresent essence of faith in Jesus Christ out of ignorance or perversion. Real essence, however, never changes.

Faith in Jesus Christ is about access to resources that enable us come in touch with our deepest selves, with deepest recesses of our minds and motives. Jesus promises what we find that is not good He can fix. What we like that is good He can accentuate for greatness.

Faith in Jesus Christ eminently is practical for our benefit.

It is a travesty that modern Christian organizations have muddled up essence of faith in Jesus Christ.

But appropriateness of a philosophy is judged first and foremost on its own premise not by practices of its followers.

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