An official religion must be handled with care, that is must not be source of persecution of people’s rights to individual choices of spirituality within American society. Persecution never is compatible with Christian philosophy.

That being said it must be the case that immigration to America need be conditioned on respect for Christian foundations of American society.

The problem, however, is that in push for “freedom without boundaries or responsibility” by Americans, success of which never can avoid the consequences — a fragmented discombobulated, discomfited society now hooked on different things (drugs, sex, fame, popularity whatever, the resulting atomism of which you speak) — Americans have themselves eviscerated in reality and in some spiritual sense Christian foundations of American society. This is why the Russians, Chinese, and Muslims have since 2001 being struggling for the spiritual and social soul of America.

If Americans refuse to celebrate Christian foundations that lie at the heart of progress of American society, the struggle for the soul of America will continue and the darkness of loneliness and despair may yet get darker.

Americans do not have to believe in Jesus Christ personally in order to celebrate their Christian foundations. They must, however, be willing to defend those foundations, those moral and spiritual values. Herein of course lies the challenge. Will Americans choose self control or discipline over hedonism? Until self control and discipline become once again respectable values of American society, the soul of America will lay bare for all to see and struggle for.

I ask then, Is free sex, the heart of moral decadence of American society worth all of the despair and social fragmentation becoming characteristic of American society? Is free sex worth loss of gains from centuries of progress?

It is well established from experience of the Roman Empire that once people throw off sexual restraint, they lose restraint in other important spheres of life such as government, business, and treatment of others within context of business.

Only Christianity and Islam are regarded as religions which survive the test of philosophies of life. Christianity is respected by philosophers as a well enunciated internally consistent philosophy of life. Why then are Americans ashamed of their Christian foundations? It should be a thing of pride to defend a rich philosophy which has produced all of the gains and wealth of American life.

It is not Christian foundations that are destroying fabric of American life, it is abdication from Christian foundations and devolving of society into hedonistic capitalism that is at heart of the laying bare of the soul of America. Capitalism is consistent with Christian philosophy, hedonistic capitalism is not.

America has the chance to get back on track with big ideas for reclaiming the soul of America. Without celebration of America’s Christian foundations I doubt such lofty goals and aspirations lie within reach of American society.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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