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The ship is a much more complicated technology to build than the train, yet ships precede trains in history.

While trains are more complex to design and build than cars, trains precede cars in history.

The Answer?

The principle of ‘Completing the Market’. The principle that, in respect of innovation, it is the most pressing need that ought to be addressed.

At timing of demand for ships, there was not as yet any industrial revolution, so ships Completed the Transportation Market in context of a mode of transportation that facilitated trade, but that as yet did not exist.

While ships and trains Completed the Transportation Market in context of demand for solutions to teething problems of business, the car Completed the Transportation Market primarily as a tool that enabled families make more efficient use of leisure time. The car, of course, has gone on to become a tool of business.

In order to admit genius of Einstein’s work, physicists had to eat Crow.

Subsequent to willingness of Physicists to eat Crow, Physics has become the most glamorous of all of the basic sciences. Turns out being willing to admit a mistake can be source of much shared prosperity.

If kids do not acquire self awareness prior to completion of High School, decisions taken upon completion of High School can become foundation for unhappiness later in life, this because the decisions become discordant with awareness arrived at in adult life.

It is matter of fact that we live in a world that is both metaphysical, and physical. Consistent with a ‘big bang’ theory for origins of life, the metaphysical is source of the physical.

Just about every innovation that subsists in life requires combustion of gases for its realization. In this respect, note that absent combustion, bricks for building of houses are impossible to realize.

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