A shift from criminalization of consumption or addiction to rehabilitation must be multi faceted if it is to be successful.

It must encompass spiritual or philosophical answers alongside treatment for facilitation of withdrawal and resources for reintegration into society. It will require big ideas and big commitment from the government, the private sector, charities, and NGOs.

Will the political will for such a solution ever materialize within one generation, that is in the next thirty years?

There is light beckoning to America, but the darkness is struggling to lay even greater hold on the soul of America. The power for choosing of light lies in the hands of those Americans who still have their wits about them. Will America choose light — big ideas for rebuilding of the spiritual and social fabric of American society — or will those with their wits about them choose to sink everyone into abyss of conscienceless hedonistic, “I am not affected” capitalism?

The fruit of our actions lie in the future, the seeds we choose today.

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