There exist two complementary intellectual boundaries to pursuit of meaningful and pragmatic ‘daily life impacting’ spirituality (if spirituality consists solely in attendance at ‘gatherings of the faithful’, it has characterization as ‘crowd mentality’. Given the crowd does not, in of itself, reside in realm of the spiritual — God’s realm — the term, spirituality acquires character of a misnomer).

Illustration: Jesus came to save the world from sin (Matthew 1:21). Rationality? The world is filled with sin (just listen to the evening news), as such could use a Savior. What did Jesus promise to those who receive Him? …

Alongside some Nordic and Western European countries, the United States of America has become more cautious in its economic engagement with China. Said caution is justifiable and necessary.

First, the notion that offshoring of manufacturing is, in of itself, beneficial for welfare of the USA increasingly has become questionable. In stated respect, there is evidence that mere offshoring of jobs to China implies China can, absent triggering of any increase to inflation and absent manipulation of its currency value, expand employment within its borders indefinitely. …

Typically, I do not commence a post with Scripture. Given my posts always are structured as, reasonings with readers, as opposed to a ‘hitting over the head with dogma’, prior to presentation of Scripture, I seek to engage the reader with reasoning on subject matter of my post. Subject matter of this post, however, is embedded in a Scripture, hence, necessity of commencement with Scripture. The Scripture in question is found in Ephesians 3:10–11 (words in brackets supplied in spirit of an amplified reading of Christian Scriptures).

That there might be made known now to the principalities and the authorities…

One of the most salient truths of Christian Scriptures is the reality that faith is not enough, never will be enough for securing of salvation in the name of Jesus. It does not matter whether a pastor, elder, deacon, or the Christian you most respect says otherwise, truth is, by declaration of The Father and the Lord Jesus, it is impossible that faith alone is enough for securing of salvation.

If my assertion in the preceding paragraph is true, absent any demand for interpretation on my part, and absent any ambiguity in Christian Scriptures, the Writings will declare that, in…

Is it possible for man, by searching, to find out God? Thomas Aquinas (d. March 7, 1274), the great theologian opines a qualified ‘Yes’.

Aquinas posits that while it ought to be expected, to wit, there are things in respect of Himself only God can be expected to reveal, simultaneously it ought be expected that man can, via reasoning, arrive at some perceptions of God. …

Donald Trump engaged with many issues that, at the margin, largely had been ignored in course of the eight years that preceded his tenure as President of the United States of America.

North Korea’s belligerence.

America giving up too much to the rest of the world for facilitation of prosperity of rest of the world, as such inducing impoverishment of some segment of America.

The attitude on part of the moderate Muslim that terrorism is ‘America’s problem’, as opposed to joint problem of the moderate Muslim and other well meaning persons everywhere.

Many of the issues that Trump engaged with…

At timing of completion of his Theory of Special Relativity, it is believed no more than 10% of all physicists understood Einstein’s proof.

Today, while kids in High School typically will not as yet understand Einstein’s proof, they understand essence of special relativity.

How exactly did this happen?

Well, first physicists attempted to convey essence of the proof to the rest 90% of their colleagues. Then they demanded understanding of the proof from PhD candidates in Physics.

Then, newly minted PhDs taught the concept to candidates for each of undergraduate or Masters degrees in Physics. …

The first mass produced car in the United States was the Model T Ford, invented by Henry Ford. Essence of the invention? Design of a frame whose axles and wheels could rotate as fast as demanded by the energy produced by the car’s engine, energy produced at rate of E=0.5mv².

Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist who discovered that every engine, which ever can be made to power machines on land produces energy at rate of E=0.5mv². Absent discovery of constancy of E=0.5mv²,

Suppose we are at the beginning of time, and the animal with form of what we currently label, ‘cat’ were labelled, ‘dog’. Well, we would call what we now refer to as cats, dogs and would not be any worse off from absence of the realization they could have been labelled, ‘cats’.

Suppose, however, that, at beginning of time, it is agreed that an animal that ‘meows’ has label of ‘cat’. Try as we might, unless we discard the origin time agreement, we would not be able to relabel ‘cats’, ‘dogs’.

For concreteness, consider human names. Suppose a child is…

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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