Donald Trump engaged with many issues that, at the margin, largely had been ignored in course of the eight years that preceded his tenure as President of the United States of America.

Issues engaged with by Trump are inclusive of:

North Korea’s belligerence.

America giving up too much to the rest of the world for facilitation of prosperity of rest of the world, as such inducing impoverishment of some segment of America.

The attitude on part of the moderate Muslim that terrorism is ‘America’s problem’, as opposed to joint problem of the moderate Muslim and other well meaning persons everywhere.

At timing of completion of his Theory of Special Relativity, it is believed no more than 10% of all physicists understood Einstein’s proof.

Today, while kids in High School typically will not as yet understand Einstein’s proof, they understand essence of special relativity.

How exactly did this happen?

Well, first physicists attempted to convey essence of the proof to the rest 90% of their colleagues. Then they demanded understanding of the proof from PhD candidates in Physics.

Then, newly minted PhDs taught the concept to candidates for each of undergraduate or Masters degrees in Physics. …

The first mass produced car in the United States was the Model T Ford, invented by Henry Ford. Essence of the invention? Design of a frame whose axles and wheels could rotate as fast as demanded by the energy produced by the car’s engine, energy produced at rate of E=0.5mv².

The Behind-the-Scenes hero?

Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist who discovered that every engine, which ever can be made to power machines on land produces energy at rate of E=0.5mv². Absent discovery of constancy of E=0.5mv²,

Suppose we are at the beginning of time, and the animal with form of what we currently label, ‘cat’ were labelled, ‘dog’. Well, we would call what we now refer to as cats, dogs and would not be any worse off from absence of the realization they could have been labelled, ‘cats’.

Suppose, however, that, at beginning of time, it is agreed that an animal that ‘meows’ has label of ‘cat’. Try as we might, unless we discard the origin time agreement, we would not be able to relabel ‘cats’, ‘dogs’.

For concreteness, consider human names. Suppose a child is…

May the year 2021 be filled with light — light that brings newness and innovation into life. Amen. Picture Copyright: Shutterstock

There was a day that preceded Galileo’s famous shout of ‘Eureka’. Then, there was that infamous day on which, while meditating in course of taking of a bath, no less, he burst out, ‘Eureka’ .

There was a day that preceded Einstein’s completion of the proof of E=mc². Then, there was the day the proof was completed, and the infamous day. on which his peers agreed the proof was true, the result novel and brilliant.

There was a day that preceded Newton’s decision to loiter beneath an apple tree. …

Business schools in the United States of America are shutting in-residence MBA programs. Students in American High Schools increasingly are faring worse in Mathematics.

Mathematics is guardian of rationality.

Absent mathematics, man would continue to believe that the sun revolves around our planet Earth. It was mathematics that convinced the Wright Brothers that a machine conceivably could be made to fly — all they had to figure out was how exactly to design the contraption for overcoming of force of gravity. If America progressively is doing worse in mathematics, this implies atrophy of cognition in respect of what is feasible…

Everyone is born into some set of opportunities. Refer to such a set of opportunities as the ‘opportunity set’. A person’s opportunity set first is defined by circumstances of parents, then by his or her environment. Culture, tastes, propensities, idiosyncrasies, biases, all are influenced to one degree or another by parents and the environment — siblings, neighbors, customs, weather etc.

As a person develops, formal education provides a forum for refining of the opportunity set. If the parents are medical doctors, formal education provides opportunity for development of a career in banking, engineering, etc. This feature of formal education probably…

While Liberals, perhaps, disagree, many Christians entertain the strong belief that the United States of America is ‘God’s Own Country’.

Stated belief is true in the sense that, consistent with prophecy in Revelation 12:15–17, it was departure from, or deportation of Christians from Western Europe to the United States that was succor for persecution of Protestants by the Papal Church, in course of the Reformation that commenced in the 16th Century.

Importantly, if the Papal Church had listened to the admonition of one of its foremost theologians, Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274), who had written that matters of faith had to be…

It already now is well established that, regardless, whether in atmosphere of a planet, such as our Earth, or in outer space, the universe consists in transmutations of energy into mass, and transmutations of mass into energy.

A Transformation implies obviation of whatever precedes for arrival at some other thing. In context of a Transmutation, what precedes continues to be, yet produces something external to itself.

In presence of strength of the evidence, while it cannot be asserted to be obvious, alongside all of nature — plants, minerals in the earth etc. — man’s body is outcome of transmutation of…

It takes contemplation to get to know God

Everyone needs encouragement sometimes — a shoulder to lean on, an encouraging word, help that arrives just in the nick of time. Encouragement is of so much importance in context of faith in the name of Jesus Christ that the given name of a prophet who excelled in encouragement, ‘Joses’ became lost to him, because, once the Apostles surnamed him, ‘Barnabas’, which means, ‘Son of Encouragement’, from that point on, all knew him only as ‘Son of Encouragement’ (Acts 4:36–37).

It is important that believers who show up at church services (focus on those who get to stand on the…

Oghenovo Obrimah, PhD

Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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