2019: The Year of Courage (Part B)

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This year, inspired by The Holy Spirit, I wrote a book (approximately, 225,000 words) titled, ‘A Spiritual Exposition of Revelations of Jesus Christ (ASERJC)’, which provides credible unequivocal evidence that the Book of Revelation, the last Book of the Bible, does not say anything at all about timing of a Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

I show that there is ‘nothing likeLeft Behind’’, and ‘nothing likebelievers in Jesus Christ being physically transported to heaven for 1,000 years; that is, for a Millenium’’.

I show the much vaunted ‘Mark of the Beast’ does not have to transpire in course of history, that man can choose to avoid emergence of the Beast. I further demonstrate that Babylon the Great, the Apostate philosophy that infiltrates Christian Church Organizations, does not have to come into being; that emergence of Babylon the Great also is conditioned on choices made by man.

With respect to aspects of the Book of Revelation that are loved by Evangelicals, I provide clear evidence that the Jerusalem on Earth, the Jerusalem that is capital of the modern nation of Israel, does not factor at all into The Father’s scheme of things, meaning any braggadocio on part of the USA that it seeks to actualize prophecy via waging of a war in the Middle East or Asia definitely does not have the blessing of Jesus Christ.

With respect to failure of Christianity at taking root in Asia, the message from The Father in the Book of Revelation is: “Being there, done that myself through chosen men and women, and it did not work.

The work to which The Father alludes? The Christian Byzantine Empire (CBE), also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. From 325 AD to at the very least 1204 AD, historians agree that the CBE was, hands down, the greatest civilization on face of the earth. Upon collapse of the CBE in 1453 AD, however, the Christian faith literally died out in all of Asia.

Consider, however, Western Europe.

In spite of persecutions that pushed Protestants out of Western Europe, the Christian faith survived. The faith that survived did not have a deep knowledge of the Scriptures, and of The Father, but it was a true faith. Now, in these times, The Father seeks to root that faith, which started out genuine, in spiritual knowledge that demonstrates reasonableness of the faith.

What then are the good stuff in ASERJC that build up the faith of a believer in Jesus Christ?

In ASERJC, you encounter the loving thoughtfulness of a Heavenly Father who cares about your welfare. You find out, for instance, that The Father spent over a 1,000 years eliminating every objection to your right not to have to pass through any other human for arrival at spiritual fellowship with Himself, The Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, all of whom are Spirit.

If you are conversant with different theological leanings in Christianity, you know, even today, that there continue to exist Christians or Church Organizations who claim to have the right to exclude people from the grace of Jesus Christ. ASERJC proves all of such claims to be patently false and heretical.

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ASERJC Front Cover

A shout-out to memory of Robert Young (1822 to 1888) whose word-for-word translation of the original text of the Bible to English, the Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) was critical to accomplishment of ASERJC.

So, I had the courage to take on my profession (2019: The Year of Courage (Part A)), and the courage to take on powerful church institutions with exposition of truth as it really is in Jesus Christ. Call me brave, call me courageous, or call me idealistically naive, but remember that when you do so, you simultaneously class Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce; the founding fathers of America; every person that ever has fought for independence of a country; people who fought for women’s rights to vote; Copernicus; Johannes Kepler; and Galileo Galilei as people who also were idealistically naive.

The year 2019 has, for me, been a year of Courage. I am trusting in The Lord Jesus Christ that the spiritual and financial rewards of demonstrated Courage increase and multiply in 2020 and beyond.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Educator and Researcher, Believer in Spirituality, Life is serious business, but we all are pilgrims so I write about important stuff with empathy and ethos

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